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Welcome to the Home of

Black & White Interactive!


For those of you that are regulars to our site welcome back, it’s good to have you. For everyone else coming in for the first time, we would like to tell you a little about our organization and show you around.

With the exception of a few widgets on the right side of the page most of the navigation for the site will take place through use of the tabs on the top of the site.

News – This button will give you a long feed of all of the different news posts that have been put up in chronological order.

Leagues – The leagues tab is a drop-down tab with five options. Events is our calendar of all of the upcoming meets that we are hosting. Each meet comes with the date, time and map. Leagues will explain the rules and regulations of how we format our matches for singles, doubles and BagTag. Singles, Doubles, & BagTag shows the results of the matches as well as the overall leaderboard of their respective league.

Members – Here you can learn about each of our members.

Forum – Club discussion take place here about club business as well as anything else. Drop a line with all of your concerns.

MiMPA – This is a direct link to the Michigan Match Play Association’s website.

Dyes – Here we display examples of most of the dyes that we have done over the years. Each slide show has a designated pricing.

The Film Room – The film room houses our video works of our adventures on the course.

Email BW – If you would like to contact us privately rather than opening a discussion on the forum us this button to email us.
Black & White was founded in November 2010 by two members, Randy Gallagher II & Tim Burton. Originally both players lived in the Kalamazoo area and played with a local club regularly until Tim moved to the east side of Michigan. At that point wanting to keep the rivalry and golfing alive Black & White Interactive was brought into existence. Since the beginning the club has seen members come and go but overall it has grown slowly over time creating a quality disc golf community rather than one of quantity, one might refer to it as a family more so than a community.
Black & White Family
In the summer of 2013 Black & White helped form the MiMPA as a founding club and now plays in conjunction with the MIDGC and others. With this development the club changed it’s format from skins to match play. Even though the club plays in league format and for points each of our events are open to everyone free of charge. Each event our group plays a round of singles and doubles each of which will have CTP competition or two throughout. See our Events Calendar for our next meet and come out and join us.

In addition to golfing we also specialize in dying custom discs with simple designs to even the most complex designs. Over time we have worked to perfect the process and offer a great piece of functional art at a decent price. All designs can be sent over for consideration, just use the EmailBW link.

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